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Thursday, July 22, 2010


FINALLY.....have spent the whole morning cleaning up in my oneline etsy shop
it was starting to be more like "where else would I put it" shop, than what my original idea was..... thing is... I am so all over the shop (pardon the pun...:O) when it comes to what I do, a bit of this, a bit of that... having fun..... uhhhh want to show you this, look what I made, you name it... I come up with it.... that I sometimes loose sight of what I actually do...... hmmm, what do I actually do???
Am having some sort of mid etsy crisis... been there for a couple of years... stagnation... no real sales.... what to do??? You recognise that? and yet..... I spend really disproportionate time there instead of doing stuff that does generate real sales.... go figure.... do you think etsy somehow transmits some sort of addiction radiation through the screen.....?? Hey, those roswell guys.... they know about this stuff... hmm, I sound a bit like a madwoman... now, just because you are paranoid does not mean that they are not out to get you... and etsy got me gooood.... gotta open more shops.... that must be the answer..... have a good weekend, make yourself a cup of tea and relax!


  1. Oh .... I JUST got off the phone > a two hour conversation with my friend... [ she is on Etsy too ] .
    This is EXACTLY what we were talking about . Etsy has made us nuts or we are nuts because we make too many different things !
    I know I'm in trouble when I start checking my shop all day for even a heart
    We will figure it out ..... somehow
    I love your drawing here
    and it's nice to know you go through this too ..... It's not just me ! ha ha

  2. OK, I am officially relieved..... it is not just me, I have etsyitis, and a bad case... have just started up a new shop...oh yes...why make life easy....

  3. a year ago > I made little signs with a crazy lady face on it
    and it said
    Hello my name is Sandy . I'm an Etsy-holic

    and then it got 0 hearts so I took it off . I thought maybe it was too stupid .... AHHHHHH .

    so now you will have THREE shops ? Let me know how to get to your new shop when you have it up

  4. Etsy is maddening, and for the record, I have serious cobwebs in my shop, which is not doing anything for my ego, I have to say. LOL!! I love your shop. Now I have to go see what you've done, and drool over your work, and heart things. :)) And I guess I am on the next plane of Etsy existence, because I don't even LOOK at my hearts now. I spend time there, like I do on flickr, just looking at everyone's stuff (aka wasting a lot of time and not working!). Oh, and I am thinking of starting a new shop, too! hahaha! We need a 12 step program. xox!

  5. I looked into the shop that opened when I clicked on your link and am having a hard time picking which one I want, they are all so cool! it is Oneline, do you have others? Oh, I see over there on the right is another link to another of your shops. O gee thanks for giving me etsyitis;-)

  6. Girls..... it's nice to not be alone in ones madness..... shared madness is probably not half the madness but maybe total madness... better than sane, even the boring, sanitary sane, madly wonderful.... see... no competition! Love to all of you... nice weekend thoughts.... here it is Saturday afternoon and husband is not liking 12 step program... I think he has his own 12 step (if I am lucky) program in mind ;o)

  7. Hi Mariann,

    I just posted my nominees for the Versatile Blogger Award. Go take a peek. :) Hope you have a nice week ahead of you to look forward to. And please know that as far as I'm concerned, the award is yours to do with as you see fit. Best...