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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Green Door Print exchange 2010, my contribution!

Quite a while since I mailed my contribution to Green Doors IPE, but just had an e-mail saying they have received it... great, was getting a bit worried. I called my little 10 cm x 10 cm etching, "An oldfashioned letter" was really supposed to be called "Brevduvan", which is Swedish and means "the Dove that carries letters", i e a homing pigeon.... well, you know, somehow I just did not fancy it being called "The homing pigeon"...:o)))) It just does not go with the romance of the image that I was really trying to get, an oldfashioned look...... language is a funny thing..... I would love to spend a lot more time writing..... but time is slippery..... anyway, when was the last time you sent an oldfashioned letter? I quite often do, my mother is a total no computer person.... (don't tell her I said so, she'd kill me!!) so my means of staying in touch, is to most weeks mail her a card, just telling her something silly or whatnot.... and it is nice..... to get something in the mail...don't you think?
If you wanted to send me an oldfashioned letter, then please mail it to:
Mariann Johansen-Ellis
19 Jalan Nuri
438 448 Singapore
please put a return address on the envelope or card and I promise you'll get something in the mail too!!! A letter revival month!


  1. Hmmm
    Maybe I'll send ALBERT a letter.

  2. Cindi... Albert is waiting for a letter!!!! :o))

  3. Hi Mariann
    Your blog header looks great _ I haven't visited for ages oh and I signed up to that feedjit thing on your blog !!

    I was in last years Green Door exchange and was a bit disappointed with my return batch so thats probably why I didn't do it again this year. You did well to get three prints you liked.!! Maybe next.

    I would have been pleased to receive this one though.

    best wishes