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Saturday, June 19, 2010

A4 Printmakers exhibition

Finally, got my 3 etchings ready to be mailed, they are off to Falmouth, Penryn in Cornwall, to form part of A4 Open Printmakers International Competition.

Fun, I can win workshops... hmmm... I'd love to win a workshop..... I have never been to Cornwall, but would absolutely jump at the opportunity to go, well..... let's see.....
I bit out the edges of the 2 etchings, "Peace" and "Water", I have seen this done, my wonderful husband bought me a Mariko Ando etching and she has done that to the edges and I just loved the look, so thought I would give it a go, hmmm... you'd better have a lot of acid, it took ages, and was very hard to control, but I love the result, I'll definitely be trying this out on some bigger prints too.... I took of parts of the backing to give the acid access to the back of the plate as well, maybe that is why it was hard to control, I'll try it with backing on next time, even if that means it would take even longer, and use really thin copper. At least I got to see "overheating" in action, I have never had that happen to an acidbath, I always mix my acid on this side of caution, but when an acid bath overheats, you are in no doubt, don't worry, it is not something you could miss :o)
I adore learning, it gives me the biggest high, if it was not so difficult making money on experimenting, that's what I would do full time..... but reality calls..... in the form of Sunday lunch.... have a great Sunday... talk to you soon....Mariann


  1. I used to live in Falmouth! Hope you do win a workshop, you will LOVE LOVE LOVE Cornwall! :0)