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Thursday, June 17, 2010

5 reasons I love Spain!

1) Spain is loud, life here is turned up a notch, when you first arrive you can't believe it, and then you get used to it, and then you love it!
Talking loudly in a restaurant, laughing loudly at a joke in a public place, yelling across the parking lot, all perfectly acceptable here.
2) Spain loves family, and Spanish families loves themselves, and seem very coherent as families, comes first, still, long may it stay that way!
3) Refurbishing the basements, men, whilst talking to you, have no problem what so ever, all of a sudden grabbing their crotch, and giving the whole basement a good old refurbishing, no little discrete shake of the tackle here... oh no... in Spain a man is proud of what he has! To start with this is tricky, and now, it makes me smile, a big smile, loving all the machismo on display!
By the way, the same machismo, that means you will NEVER stand in the rain with a flat tire without help!!
4) OK, I admit it, The Sun...yes, the weather in Southern Spain, where I live is fantastic, where else do you get a sunset like in the photo above.... should have been Halloween! I love the weather, I love living outside, I adore that everybody has "rooms" outside..... it makes for an easy life.
5) The landscape, Spain is never ever boring.... ever..... bored, just drive 5 minutes and there is a whole new vista, from soft rounded to craggy dramatic, it has it all, and I can never see enough of it.. there is space in Spain!
6) Yes, I know..... but this is Spain for me too..... things always stretch a bit further here, a quick chat becomes lunch.... the guy who does the municipal tax turns out to be the cousin of someone you know and you have to have a coffee and talk about it.... my heart, lives in Spain....

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