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Friday, March 5, 2010

My new business card and flier

My friend Erin, comes in to help me, when I need new marketing "stuff", so she made me this business card and my new flier....
from a new aquatint etching I made at Maison Conti this January (The Daisy Tree sold in my etsy shop)...I just love how she does it, she has such a great eye for how to make it both fun, and interesting and still functional... I have the nicest business cards of all the people I know!!!! It is usually such a drag trying to explain what you would like, so working with Erin is a great relief, -" here's the image, sweetie" I say.... and a couple of hours later -"here's your card, boss" she says..... ok ok I made up the boss bit ;O-
Thanks Erin , you are a STAR!!


  1. Absolutely lovely set of pormotional materials! I just love the daisy tree!
    You have a talented and excellent friend who can sum up exactly what you need. :)


  2. These are beautiful, Mariann! I loved that etching in your etsy shop. Simply gorgeous! :) xo Pam

  3. Perfect! You have good "employees";-)

  4. They are beautiful...I love the softness of them. Have a great week.

  5. Mariann...I was over to your etsy shops...and Im in love with each and everyone of them. I would love to profile you on my blog, if that would be ok with you.

    Major fan of your work.


  6. Good Sunday morning!!! yes, aren't they nice, I am so happy with them!! now for the printing bother... hmmm.... I'd love to just snap my fingers and it's done... but ho ho ho.... many trips will be made before they are in my hand!

  7. Erin is a hero. Make sure you feed her lots of chocolate and keep her for your friend... you need Erin!
    I love the flyers and bus. cards. They are fab!
    Love your trees too - with their little round curly leaves. So pretty.

  8. Thanks, Mariann, for the accolades and posting about my services.
    It is great working with you.
    I look forward to our next project.