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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Trying something new is ALWAYS as fun as it gets..... have for some time been a bit obsessed with my dictionary drawings...... and really wanted to do something bigger, this is the thing, a book page is just not very big is it??
So.... am using my fancy inkjet printers to scan and print out the dictionary page and then I paint with acrylics on top of it...... once it has been stretched I think I'll add some gold and hmmmm... maybe other stuff...... hmmm... but what do you call this... mixed media..... hmm, that just does not cover it does it??? Am so determined to not be an old fuddy duddy and discard the digital age as of no relevance to me.... and LOOK... I feel very with it, people!!! ;o)


  1. Yes! It is mixed media, and lovely mixed media too! I guess I depend on digital more than I would like, don't know nearly as much as I should, and usually don't have the time/enthusiasm to sit and LEARN more.... ;)
    I just love the piece!


  2. Oh, Mariann! I love this bigger format. Let's hear it for digital! :) I'm with Anne, I use it, but sure could stand to know a whole lot more about it. Beautiful piece! xox Pam

  3. I love the layering of drawing and painting over text! Very cool textures.

  4. Mariann,
    Your work is so beautiful. I love it! I saw that you had been to the Maison Conti since I follow the blog. I recently found a new interest in french! So I found you there! I have started working on etchings again and love to see the ones you're doing. Conversing with some printmakers would be a dream since there are few around here! Anyway, I'll be checking back!

  5. This is a delightful drawing/painting! You are not a fuddy duddy, so don't worry about that. You're groovy! ha ha, see, I'm the fuddy duddy. Maybe you can keep your eyes open next time you are in a thrift store or check out garage sales for larger format books, maybe a children's dictionary? but then those might already have drawings in them I suppose. Your idea is a good plan.

  6. This is what I love about the blogging... instant LOVE, all I can say is that it's a damn shame you don't all live around the corner from me!!!
    Have had a look at your blogs and can see I have to "up my game" a bit.... and Jan.. no no no... I am the fuddy duddy.....:o)))))