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Thursday, October 29, 2009

There is good and bad in a average morning!!

I so enjoy painting these new canvases.... love playing around with the whites.... white is such a gorgeous "coluor" and it is fun exploring it... seeing that I am usually so colour dense!

First time for me today... putting the hangers on a small (luckily) Conversations with the moon painting I stuck the screwdriver right through the canvas.... JIHAAA... that is the first time and I'll tell you.... grrrr, the last time too!!! this is why the phillips screwdriver was invented!

Hey ho hey the printroom I go!! I'll soon post the new small etchings I brought with me back from Spain.... exciting to print them!
Take care...have a good day! Keep out of the way of screwdrivers! Mariann

1 comment:

  1. Oh, Mariann - that is AWFUL! I would have sat down and cried. Can you save it at all? Not a good way to start the day. :(
    On a happier note, I can't wait to see your new etchings! Have a great week! xox Pam