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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Same old cheese getting smelly?????

just have a little Sunday question for you....... have been thinking...and as you know... that's always dangerous....... when you work as an artist making a living, you end up doing quite a bit of work that is relatively that is readily recognisable as your work.... or in art speak, "you have a voice" .... but what does that do to creativity???? More of a musing, than a question, really, but very curious what you think??? Would you not be more wildly creative and artistic if every painting differed totally from the next??
Pleas, write and let me know what you think.....

Thank you so much for your comments.... all of them very reassuring...:o) which is so kind of you..... this is a subject often discussed amongst the group of artists I know..... still no answer though... guess it's a hen and egg question!

:o)))) Mariann


  1. It hurts. Exploring possibilities is how everyone grows. All walks of like, not just artists. But it sure is nice to sell. So, good luck with the gallery's. By the way,I love your art.

  2. OH! Such a good question, Mariann! I have no idea what it would be like to paint like you do, and have my work in galleries (maybe in my next life! haha!). But creatively, I tend to get bored if I do the same thing too many times. But I feel badly about that, because when I look at other people's work, I love to see a group of pieces that belong together. I think I have some kind of creative attention deficit disorder - I'm over here today, over there tomorrow! :) I would say that doing something completely different will charge your batteries. Then if you go back to your former style, it would reflect that energy. Another thing I am wondering - would they really be so wildly different? Or would there be some thread you could see between them all? Way more chatter than is helpful, I am sure. xoxo Pam

  3. I love your work so much and know that all my friends feel the same way. The galleries survive because of you, not vice versa, so you should feel free to be as creative as your wonderful talent allows.

    At the same time, it is nice to have a distinctive stamp on your work that makes it recognizable as being yours. But that shouldn't restrict you to making all things the same...a simple little elephant or other of your wonderful characters can be discreetly placed on any canvas without the whole work looking similar to your other pieces.

    My two year old now loves to sit on the carpet in the room he shares with his three year old sister and name all the animals that are "In truck go to beach" "Mamma, I see elephant, I see geeeraff, I see tiger, I see poewa bear - go to beach Mamma!"

    :-) Anna Hart