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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Artists supporting each other....

is a wonderful thing! I want to say a big THANK you to for featuring me as their artist of the day with my ONELINE drawings and watercolours.
Feeling a bit stale is no fun... so this summer I started on something new, just doodling to start with, but is is slowly evolving, and I can see it will soon hit the point, where it would be great fun to try it out as printmaking (etching, lino etc) which is my first love! Have already done 2 simple lino's and I am quite happy with them. Also getting the itch for hitting the easel and trying it out it paint.... I can't remember when I last had this much fun working.... a reminder for me to stop and smell...whatever there is to smell, coffee, roses, I don't care as long as I am smelling!
My ONELINE work is actually having it's debut in a group exhibition at FOST Gallery here in Singapore end of November to beginning of December, I am showing 3 of the dictionary pieces and the 2 first lino cuts, together with a handcoloured etching, that will soon be on in my ONELINE shop.
So to be featured in was just so at the moment when it is just wonderful to feel that you resonate with the people looking at your work! I'm sending a big hug to Rachael and Jake!
Want to have a look: go to

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