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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Lazy Sunday!

etching, Sunday Afternoon
Sundays are for this! for sweeping a bit outside, putting a bit of white paint on my new bit of wall..... walking up to town to see the Carnival procession and having a coffee with friends, having a nap , if you feel like it.... and cuddling with your dog, starting a new book, and reading until you don't want to anymore, and, fixing something tasty to eat...... today I am my own positive person!!

What are you doing?  LOL Mariann


  1. Hi, that sounds like a lovely Sunday of relaxing and enjoying yourself!
    I've done laundry, set up the dinner to cook in the slow-cooker, made my mum's lunch, updated my online shops... and now I'm playing with my computer and deciding whether to go and stitch an almost-completed book.
    A mixed sort of day for me. Happy Sunday Mariann!

  2. That sounds like the perfect day to me! I am sneaking in bits of creativity whenever they present themselves. Working on getting more exercise - lol. Most days, I am that elephant! :) xox