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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hen picked, lino reduction

Linocut in black and white, Pecking Order"
"Pecking Order" 7 color linocut reduction
for once, I remembered to print some prints in black and white from one of my reduction plates! The way I cut, almost always means that when I am done with the colors, there really is nothing left to print. I did some hens a while back, and really regretted not having printed some one color prints, half way through, so this time, before cutting the last 2 colors, I did, and I really like them.... they look so different from the color prints, and it feels like a great way of "making a little bit more hay" whilst the sun shines.

This is also something I really want to introduce, for the lovely people who come to learn to do a reduction with me here at Cascada Studio, so they come home with more variation from their labor.


  1. I'm all for mid-way b&w prints, yaay!

    And I'm also becoming a chicken fan quite rapidly too...

    Love all these chickens, Mariann. The black & white prints are a lovely contrast with the colour version.

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