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Friday, June 29, 2012

Cascada Studio moves out......

Outside in the breeze workstation
Cascada Studio is basking in the incredible June weather we are having here in Andalusia, lots of sun and warm enough for even the eggs to be fried on the sidewalks...... so to catch the breeze, i had to move out to the patio, absolutely lovely, so am thinking of setting up something more permanent now that summer is most absolutely and definitely here, glorious summer with late nights on the roof, enjoying the cooling off at the end of the day.....
bougainvilla delight
My bougainvilla, that got a good cutting back for the first time in many years, is also a very happy individual, with a show of flowers that is nothing short of spectacular this year, I go out, and have a look every morning, determined to enjoy it as much as I can, it is quite a feeling, to go from having been the least photographed house on the street, to being one of the most photographed .... makes me
feel quite proud of my beautiful house/studio . I have quite a few wonderful artists coming through this summer to work in the studio, and that is such a good feeling, the exchange and the delight in showing something that is so near to me, and to see what creative people do with their new knowledge, makes me feel like a truly blessed person! Happy last day of June to all of you!
Cascada Studio basking in the sun


  1. You are so right. It's just BEAUTIFUL!

    (and now I want to paint my tree white!)

    1. the tree is painted white with lime, as it has a parasite and the lime really helps against that! And it's pretty...... be awarer though, lots of upkeep to have it looking good!!

  2. That is a stunning climber, don't think it would 'do' in an unheated greenhouse in the NW of Scotland! Beautifully against the crisp white.

  3. Woweee, that bougainvillea is fab.u.lous! Such a hot pink and sooo profuse! Lovely! No wonder everyone likes to photograph your pretty house.
    Does your tree like to be painted white? It certainly looks rather stunning; and how lovely to be able to work out in your lovely courtyard.

    We have several trees in our garden and they are in full summer leaf now (a pear, some apple trees, a willow and an acacia). The rose bushes are smothered this year - roses, roses everywhere - because of all the rain we have had.

    Happy printing - Enjoy the summer!

  4. it's a color to die for, the tree is painted white with lime against parasites.....:o)