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Monday, April 16, 2012

Printmaking in Spain

Ellen cutting her lino

step by step lino by Ellen Hegg

Ellen Hegg, a Norwegian painter, came to my studio to have a look at linocutting, and you know,
sometimes someone comes, that is actually meant to do that, linocut that is...... and I think Ellen is one of them, she brought images for a children's book, and they are just perfect for lino! So in that respect,
I , as the instructor, was really lucky too..... it is of course much easier to teach something if the image brought is really suitable for the medium. The step by step print, is a way of teaching I have adopted,
by thinking carefully about the order of cutting, you can see immediately, when to add more, and importantly of course, when to stop...... instead of just cutting from top to bottom, as is our natural reaction to cutting a plate. Direction of cut, is also really important to consider, the right cutting can add body to the print, and help tell the story...... if you would like to come and linocut with me, I give classes, tailor made for each individual in my lovely studio in Mijas - Spain.
If you would rather paint.... well, then Ellen is the lady to go to, many many years of teaching painting and her students are something else, just have a look on her website

1 comment:

  1. What a great subject for a lino-cut! This step-by-step approach is a good idea too. I love the final image, with that comfy puss in his bed, plus the combination of stripes and flowers. It's a great little image (and I love that cat's whiskers and little paws...)
    I must come back and do simple linocutting with you again. This time no "straight into reduction prints" - I need to learn more about the "direction of cutting".
    When I've saved up some more pocket money...
    Have a great week, Mariann!