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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Printmaking Films / Printmaking in Spain

Seeing is believing, or at least, making things that sound awfully difficult in language, much easier to show in a film. You are as always very very welcome to ask questions.... or for that matter, come on a course at Cascada Studio!


  1. I just finished watching my way through the whole series of films on you-tube. I loved them - they explained everything so clearly and easily. It's one thing to read all the information, instructions, notes etc in printmaking books - they explain "how to do it"... but when someone shows you how a line etching works, what a "soft ground" is and what to do with it, how to work through that whole aquatint process - and then you get to see a fantastic print at the end... Wow!
    Thank you so very much for making and sharing this with us. I have just learned loads (including how much more I could learn if I took the time to try it... I think "Printmaking Courses" could be something that's written on every birthday and Christmas present list, from now on!
    Many thanks, Mariann - they are fabulous films!

  2. Hi Lizzie, you are always so wonderfully supportive, thank you for that... it sure can't be because I am so good at keeping in touch! a big hug coming your way! :O)