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Sunday, April 29, 2012

In Love and Summer

oh my god, I am so totally in love with this song, and with the guys face... he has the most wonderful face....... have listened to the song 15 times.... and am getting worried! :o))))

PS: small note to summer: please come, I am ready!


  1. So am I, Mariann, so am I! London is wet and cold.But I'm hopeful of some Spanish sunshine in a few days...

  2. We all think the video for that song is very cool and really clever!
    Don't you have much sunshine in Mijas either? It has rained almost non-stop here, for about 2 weeks. Today we had around 30 minutes of blue skies and sunshine, then back came the big black clouds...
    I know Diane is looking forward to Spain - she is hoping for some warm weather and sun, I think - better put an order in with Him Upstairs!!
    Have a good week! X

  3. I was just listening to this song tonight too! That's funny. It is a neat one!
    We have sunshine here in Virginia Beach, Virginia in the US. It is supposed to be 90 degrees by the end of the week. Now that's summer too early!

  4. Found your beautiful site through this link but something good has come from your links problem - I discovered your site and this amazing video.

    Thank you :)