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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Time for Printmaking?

Alice Leach / UK 2011

Jo Bourne / UK 2011

Alison Wilson / Singapore 2011

Can you believe, first now I had a look at the entries to last years A4 Printmakers! How is it possible there is never time for fun stuff like that, to just sit and get delighted by the multitude of talented people out there, artists with imagination, and humor, and vision, and all that stuff that makes my world turn around..... sharing a few with you here,  Alice Leach, "There is no point in calling yourself a genius", I am right there with you Alice! Joanna Bournes " Chasing the Birds" the sheer joy of that moment is something that is so right there for anybody, like myself , that ever had a dog.....
And Alison Wilsons "Flight" makes you feel the lift of life! Enjoy much more at A4Printmakers site
and above all, get inspired, get creative, and get going! I am! :o)


  1. There are some great pieces of work in these three women's portfolios, Mariann! Thank you for sharing the links.
    I particularly loved Alison Wilson's underwater lino reductions - particularly the ones with the diver. Great textures and tones. The corals are fab too.
    And Joanna Bourne's landscape work is wonderful. She gives a great sense of open space and how it feels to be in that landscape. I love "Kiri's Walk", with the tired dog having a rest - the whole long road behind her. Also how she introduces colour - sometimes it's very subtle - and her use of the natural patterns of the woodgrain as a part of the whole image. Fab!
    Alic Leach strikes me as quite a brave artist - there's a lot of feelings in her work!

  2. Hey Mariann! Nice you found my 'flight' etching! totally inspired by diving with manta rays - one of the biggest privileges of my life, being able to dive and see these amazing creatures.
    I was lucky enough to meet Pat King and see the whole exhibition in Cornwall last year - it was wonderful and truly inspiring, and went a second time. I hope to enter this year again - and always a good excuse to visit lovely Falmouth!
    Lizzie - thank you for the nice comments about my work - you've made my day!

  3. Mariann, Many thanks for your email and for including me in your blog! I look forward to seeing your entry to the A4 Printmakers Comp this year.