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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Printmaking in Spain

Aquatint etching
Cascada Studio, is surrounded by little houses like this, you know, the kind of ceramic wall plaque house, that I most of the time think of as quite touristy tacky..... which in a way is not true, they are real, I look out my studio window and there they are, the window full of geraniums with a scrolly iron bar..... the birdcages hanging on the wall of my neighbour Miguels house, the little dogs that are as everywhere as the cats sleeping on some sunbaked wall, the washing hanging on every roof in the sun. How do I make sense as an artist of something that is already so over done,  find something "new" I want to say, or if not new, then at least something that shows the deep deep love I feel for this little corner of the earth I call mine, I go on trying and have fun at the same time!  And hey, a Sunday morning with clear blue sky, 22 degrees celsius, and me thinking "what's for lunch" to be eaten on the roof terrace, with a view over the Mediterranen Sea, all the way down to Gibraltar and the Atlas Mountains of Morocco..... how is it possible I can't find something in that!
There is a wonderful sculptor and painter here in Mijas, Carmen Escalona, who's work comes straight from the heart..... I just adore her vision of Mijas and Andalucia.....


  1. Oh it's finished (this is what you were working on when I was there, yes?).

    How lovely that is Mariann. It looks very "real" and makes me a bit nostalgic, for all the beautiful little houses in Mijas. You're right that there are many images of houses like these - but you have taken a new look at them and made a very lovely image, with a fresh "look" about it. I love it - and as usual there are so many little things to see.. the washing line, the cat on the roof, the dear little dog running along, the lovely blue door (I wandered along on several afternoons, on my way home, looking at the wonderful doors on people's houses!)
    It's lovely and I really like the softness of the colours - bright, but soft, both at the same time.

  2. Oop, sorry... I meant to say that I loved the little diorama/sculptures that Carmen Escalona has made for the Museum - full of life and little details that make you smile.