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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Printmaking in Spain, Beginners or Experienced!

etching course at Cascada Studio
Am I good enough? Many students ask me...... and heaven knows, I ask myself that, often! That question for me though, is always a spur, a challenge, to get better, to learn more about my craft,
to set myself goals that are maybe outside my ability, and often I end up surprising myself, not always in a great way, but never mind, there is always a lesson to be learnt in everything!
What I do ask of my students, is that they put in the effort, even a small, tiny plate, like the ones you send in to print exchanges (see previous blogpost) can be so beautiful and worked, and surely you, as the printmaker, is worth that? I agree that sometimes 2 lines in drypoint, inked up in black, and called "Marshland in Winter" is entirely valid, but a lot of the time, it makes me wonder, "did you not have time for more", and if you did not, then why not just leave this print exchange and enter the next one, when you have time to do a more worked little print. Does this mean I equate work, with good, in a way, I guess it does, at least, I respect utterly craftmanship, even if I don't like the result. To know your medium is always to be respected, what you do with it, becomes a matter of personal taste, and that, it is not for me to comment on. Which does not mean that I have my likes and dislikes, of course, as we are all allowed to have, and boy, doesn't it make for some fun discussions!
To be a beginner, does not make you "bad", actually, I think it does the opposite, many of the "best" print exchange prints I have, are from what seems like beginners (as they don't show up being googled, ahhh, another pandoras box;o)))) so please, all you newbies out there.... join the print exchanges!!!
PS: the photo above, you have my assurance that no beginners were mistreated during the filming!

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  1. Oh, Thank you, Mariann! You really are a star!