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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Printmaking in Spain

person in need of therapy, feel free to donate advice!
I bought a new website!! Printmaking in , why... hmmm, I have not got the faintest, other than that it was available..... what is it that happens in your (read my) head, when just going in to correct a minor thingie on my host site, I notice that I have a freebie domain name!!! I have not seen this before?? maybe because with and and 3 etsy shops and a blog... I REALLY REALLY do not need another website..... but of course, having seen that WAS available... I got gripped by the fever, and just had to have it..... what the heck happened to a pair of new shoes kind of shopping ;o))) So ... now..... of course I have to do something with it...right...I mean... right..... it can't just sit there languishing like an already abandoned puppy, can it... that would be terrible, makes me feel heartless just to think about.... poor little orphaned! Mummy is cooooming......
And it is now official, I need therapy!

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  1. Your studio is to die for Mariann! You look so gorgeous sitting in there. When I read about your new year's resolutions to kick back and relax, I should have known that was a joke. You are one of the most energetic people I know! And now a new website to inhabit. But why not? I'm sure you have the market cornered on printmaking in Spain. I hope the rest of the world comes flocking to your door. I hope to be among them.