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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Painting, rain and referendum....

in Singapore it is raining every day, Grayson Grayson Grayson, with heavy skies and glimpse of blue and sun now and then.... I had forgotten how different the quality of light is here to Spain, where everything is bathed in a golden light (lots of dust in the air) and here the light is very dead.... Hmmmm, and the referendum in Greece, what do we think of that, fellow bloggers? a genuine attempt at actual democracy, or just another politician trying to make his run last long?? It's really hard to tell, and reading and reading and reading the miles of columns of "this is how it is" from the experts, does not make it any easier, at least for me, trying to see both sides of the coin, and no pun intended, is in this case making me think I need to update my reading glasses as I don't seem to get any wiser....there is that sentimental worm though, that wants to believe in people casting their vote, and that yearns for yesterday and a cup of coffee for a Duro (100 pesetas)!
My most recent obsession seems to be with chairs, oh yees, the birds are still there, but now I have added chairs..... The mind works in curious ways, somewhere to sit and think, somewhere to rest, or just a result of needing furniture in my newly restored house???
don't worry though, I am getting chairs for my course students, nice swivel ones ;0))))


  1. I like the idea of chairs in a work. At least there are many styles to choose from for a variety of affects!

  2. I don't know about international politics but new swivel chairs ,where do I sign up for the next course!!

  3. you see, i knew the chairs were going to be a. major draw!! ;0))))

  4. But of course... I wouldn't come if I didn't know there would be comfy chairs!
    I tried to comment this morning - via DH's i-pod - but Blogger ate my comment...

    I like the chair print in this post - love how you haven't wiped all the ink from the background, so it gives a sort-of swirly effect. I love that. The colours are brilliant - I especially like the blues - that jewel-like turquoisey-cerulean shade is wonderful.
    After I have been to the lino-printing courses, I may have to come back to try etching...
    Still saving up for a small press of my very own. Meanwhile, trying to organise the studio into somewhere where I can actually work properly.. the shelf incident was months ago, but it's still a mess and nowhere near enough table space... sigh..
    Great prints just now, Mariann. Fabulous!