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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Orange Blossom and Sun

a little teeny weeny report from an incredibly beautiful sunny day in Mijas in the South of Spain: this morning I woke up to the beautiful perfume of orange blossom, it is finally so warm that the flowers all came out over night and the top of the tree, in my patio, that I see from my bedroom window, is covered in blossom! Orange blossom in Spanish is "azahar" and it is just the most incredible smell......
very quickly replaced by the smell of cement as Jose starts his workday and the cement mixer gets going..... the smell of wet cement, just as lovely in it's way as it signifies progress and that things are going forward..... it is fun, and hard work, to live in a building site.... mostly fun actually once I got past the eating of the dust and the moving stuff around to be able to do anything, now Nancy (in her favorite basket that came with us from Singapore and a very quickly becoming favorite blanket, having a snooze) and I are in to a little routine of sorts, where the house gets "cleaned up" (well, don't get carried away now) on a Friday night to be enjoyed over the weekend..... piles of brick are very handy for placing your coffeetray etc, there is an upside to everything, verdad?!
My website is also almost done..... it'll be such fun to "unveil" the new !!! So life is great.... the sun is shining and I am so HAPPY...... (missing my husband a little, maybe a drop of bitter, makes the sweet all the sweeter?)

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