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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I woke up this Sunday, and the olive tree outside my window, was full of red robins. Normally they don't come this far south, as where I live, in Andalucia, so it felt like getting a gift, first thing in the morning and filled me with absolute delight. The rough winters in Northern Europe, must have sent them further than they normally go. So I made this 4 color lino reduction to try to catch that feeling I had of delight, it came out somewhat Japanese in look, and I am quite pleased with it.
Having just moved back to Spain, I am waiting for my studio to be packed and shipped, and arrive from Singapore, luckily I have a press and somewhat of a studio here in Spain already, but it is still tricky to work, it feels like going back to starting again, even my photos, have to be somewhat more "spontaneus" as I don't have my big camera.
I am having fun, and doing some work that looks like mine, but still not....uhhhh, very exciting!


  1. You have a Press in Singapore and one in Spain?? Oh Mariann, that smacks of Babylonian extravagance to me! I'm only jealous...

  2. This is a beautiful print. Love the sense of movement with her hair and her sleeves - and such a lovely idea to be so still and calm to atract the birds!