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Friday, December 10, 2010

My new studio in Spain

ahhhhh, finally...I have bought my little Spanish town house in the old part of Mijas!!! Yes, I know... what happened to countryside and all that...well... seems to me that in the political and economic climate we are suffering right now, one needs to simplify things and make it as easy as possible to make a living... so I am relocating my studio in Spain, back to the coast, lots of people...and yes, lots of very nice people with the means to do a great workshop in printmaking!! So...what did I buy? Well...... lots and lots of pretty hard work, new wiring, new plumbing, new roofs,(where does it not leak is easier to list than where it does leak) new patio, new ahhh, almost everything.... but hey, I LOVE it.... from the street it looks like a lot of nothing, the whole house turns in on itself, something that suits me to a T, and yet, from every window, there is a nice view.... and from the roof terrace you see all the way to Gibraltar and Africas Atlas mountains on a clear day , and no, it was certainly no clear day I took photos in, it was gray and rainy and just the kind of weather that the south of Spain looks horrid in.....
the patio, has a huge orange and a huge avocado tree, the plunge pool, gives me the creeps, and will be changed to a fountain a la very traditional Spanish style!
Gray and rainy, who cares, I know that sunny days is just around the corner, spring starts in February!
the old red and white check floor definitely stays..... but that's about it...the rest all needs a good going over and freshening up.... FUN!

I can't wait to get back and get started , and I can't wait to see what will happen to my work, once I am back in a surrounding that is so powerfully both home and inspiring to me..... 11 years in South East Asia, and I will not be sad to say GoodBye.. but will look back on these years and see how important they were for my development and how much time I had to learn in.... first of all though, I will look forward... and I do that with a big welcoming smile on my face, bring on the future!!
take care, enjoy your weekend! Mariann


  1. What an adventure this will be! It looks like a beautiful place, I'm sure you will gain much inspiration from this location, once you get the cleanup/remodeling finished. Good luck with that.

  2. Wow! It looks amazing! My oldest is trying to study in Spain next year. Maybe I will come visit you - lol! xox Pam

  3. You are SO welcome, how fun would that be!! And thanks, i am so excited I am like a 4-year old!!!

  4. Mariann, it looks FABULOUS! How could it not be with all those wibbly wobbly roofs and streets and err creepy plunge pools ;0)

  5. Oh, missed this post somehow... A new home - how wonderful. And Spain is so much nearer than Singapore - much easier for posting prints to the UK!!!
    And I might even be able to come on one of your courses, one day... hmmmm...
    I wish you Very Happy in your New Home (leaks and re-wiring aside)