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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More on Collecting Original Prints

I had a very interesting comment from Lizzie on my earlier post about collecting Original Prints (that is, traditional printmaking methods) on how many artists on etsy are so reasonably priced,
which is my opinion as well...... there is a lot of fantastic work out there, for really, what amounts to small money..... a linocut print for the same amount as a coffee and bun in Starbucks! Really!

Lizzie also mentions though, that a lot of the work is very scruffy.... and yes, what is with that?? If you want to sell something, surely it needs to be clean and straight? And why such "yaaawn" boring descriptions on the prints....... selling over the net, makes for a very non personal sale, I always assumed that's why art is difficult to sell on the internet, we buy art with our hearts, not our minds..... so sometimes the esty connections seem a wee bit girlie, but that is us, "making friends in the new sandbox" isn't it? Lets make a list of our favorite printmakers to buy, please send your suggestions and we can put together a guide for the buying and collecting of original prints!! Does not have to be etsy of course! If you click on the image above, I have linked it to a group I belong to on Flickr..../ lots of great artists to contact there for purchases!


  1. what a great idea
    I have bought a couple of prints from the lovely lori dean dyment as well as Erin Nolan,Alfred stark and just today got a print from Nicola Barsalean all these amazing artists have been found on etsy and their work is top notch.
    i have also collected works from many artists through swaps that are either conducted through groups of printmakers or by people that like my work and would like to swap a piece of theirs for a piece of mine i love that wink to mariann x

  2. Hi Narelle,
    long time no talk! And yes, indeed, a swap is a great deal for both artists if one is lucky enough to find one who likes ones work, wink wink ;o)
    I'll add your suggestions to my list!

  3. Hi Mariann! Just popping over to say howdy-do. I will have to check out your list of artists. I know Shelley's work from flickr, and love it. I know YOUR work and love it, too. :) So much talent! xox

  4. Oh, thank you Mariann - it's nice to have my comments appreciated!
    I have recently bought prints from several Etsy sellers... Mariann is one (!!), also Lori Dean Dyment (, Melanie Ann Green ( also John W.Golden (, who is a talented digital artist. I bought a poster from Kirsty Wiseman's shop, which is just a good quality inkject print, but good fun ("Keep Calm and Eat Cake"!) She has a shop attached to her blog ( Also was sent some hand-stamped and collage Tags, made by Rinda Ontiveros (, which I'm quite proud to have! My favourite photography shop is Gingerlillytea - such fab and whimsical photos ( - though I must tell you I have a bit of a bias, as I'm her auntie, but she's a great photographer all the same!) I'm not averse to buying a really lovely fine-art photograph either. Also bought an inspirational photograph from, to cheer up a friend who was having a hard time.
    I have been saving up to buy frames for all my lovely prints, so I can have an "art wall" in my studio! I also made a small drypoint print, of two birds, which I'm quite proud of - the course tutor told me to sign it and frame it. I just might to that!

  5. Hi Mariann, i found your great blog via flickr, which has been a great tool for meeting other artists and printmakers. I am fairly new to Etsy, only set up shop a couple of months ago, but have been blown awy by the quality of printmaking on there, It's true that you can buy a piece of work, very reasonably, a great way to start collecting. I recently brought a piece from Larry Vienneau, one of his crow intaglio prints-stunning !
    Also, love your work too Mariann !

  6. We've long been inspired by urban art and have finally created a collection that pays homage to this secret addiction of ours!