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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Notepad Give away

Want to be in my draw for the notepads..... then there is a condition, your comment has to have a rhyme!! Yes, a rhyme..... get all poetry with it!!! Or silly, I love silly.....

I'll do the draw just before I scoot off on holiday...end of August.....

(is this good english, there is a condition....?? Sounds like and affliction....or that might just be my diction..)


  1. Could I think my second thought
    and my first thought
    then, I think,
    I would be so much wiser

  2. Go tell Albert
    to pick my name
    And tell him that I don't care
    if it's a rigged game!
    I know that it should be
    equal and all the same,
    but if I don't win that notepad,
    I'll be one unhappy dame.

  3. I LOVE IT.... how funny, got you going for a bit of poetry, and how nice... Thanks for getting in the spirit!

  4. I want that notepad
    I want it so bad
    If I don't get that notepad
    I would be so sad
    (sorry, can't do better than that,
    but I really want that notepad)

  5. Dindi, that's more than good enough..... and most likely you will get it.. seeing it's between the 3!! of you! :o))

  6. lisami72@gmail.comAugust 23, 2010 at 7:04 AM

    Mariann, please take pity on me.
    Your notebooks fill me with glee.
    You see...
    I have a strange affliction.
    No way it could be fiction.
    Colors deep or colors bright,
    tips in medium or ultra fine...
    Loose leaf, reams, or bound with wire,
    lined or blank... Oh how I desire -
    Pens and paper! I am obsessed!
    Pens and paper! I must possess!

  7. Oh how I love my wee notebooks
    I doodle and write every day
    They house the contents of my brain
    In a vaguely artistic way.
    I used to remember things well
    I'm sure I was right on the ball
    But now without my wee notebooks
    I doubt I'd have any brain at all !

  8. pocket sized delight
    your handy work
    so slim and cool

    details enliven sight
    books of note
    they make me drool

    good form and function
    your creation

    [my loose rhyme
    fun times... :) ]

  9. Oh I found your artwork on dear etsy
    If I'm late to this drawing, don't fret-sy
    For I rarely can win,
    Even with my own kin,
    So you'll find that I'm no real threat-sy

    (but pick me anyway? please?) :)

  10. well... one in a seven chance is not bad!! so here goes, the draw is done!!!! And lisami72 has WON!!!!!
    congrats and I'll get in touch with you!! for an address

    :o) Mariann