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Sunday, August 1, 2010

LOOOONG weekend....

What did you do over the weekend?? I had a nice long one..... quite relaxed, a lot of time on the computer... but not on blogging.... so, I printed a couple of t-shirts with lino plates, it's a bit messy, takes a long time to dry, but the result is quite stunning as the colours are so strong..... think I am going to make a film about printing puzzle plates on t-shirts.... that would be fun, and multicolour...all in one print go!
The one t-shirt is actually over printed... I had an etching printed on it and it was getting very washed out... but not the t-shirt.. so that's a bit of upcycling for you,
I love the t-shirt, nice and soft.....
Oh, do you want to have a really fun time on the net..... I am looking to redo my website, which right now is a bit cringey... oh yes.... it is... and found this guy... now, as for quirky sense of humour, I think he is hard to beat..... I just love it,
go on and have a laugh! I guarantee it!

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