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Thursday, August 19, 2010

How fun does this sound!!??

Dindi left a comment on my notepad give away, whilst visiting her blog, I saw this:
The Sketchbookproject 2011... open for admission until the 31st of October,
it sounds like great fun..fill a moleskin with sketches etc etc etc... you can even choose a theme!!!.so check it out!
I am all signed up and thinking of what to fill with!!


  1. Thanks to you Mariann...I am ALL Signed up too!
    How exciting...which topic did you choose?

  2. I chose you'd be home by it fits so fantastic with my situation right now...... am
    almost ready to go home to Spain and start up a new phase of my life... all about printmaking..... my own printmaking, teaching others to printmake and
    spreading the word about printmaking...... :o))
    oh, and can't wait to see your sketchbook, it'll be fantastic, I am such a fan of your drawings!!!

  3. Thanks Mariann, and I of yours...this project is so inspiring
    Love your topic! I think it's perfect.
    ...have you received your book yet?

  4. i saw this just today and thought of you.
    very cool.