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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ooops, the draw!!

I just realised...... I put no date in the post for the DRAW of the "Birdbuffet".... The draw takes place on the 29th of July...... there, official draw date... have you mailed your loved ones to join the draw... or are you keeping it all to yourself???..... I am, of my own accord putting Lynne ( in the draw for being such a nice person..... I think you would all agree with that.


  1. I love this Marianne! - it has to go in my kitchen. Far nicer birds than the big mynah birds that persist in hanging out on my terrace,in the hope of stealing the dog's or cat's food! They are so brazen they willl actually come into the house looking for it! (and pooing all over the place!)

  2. I was wondering about this. I thought I must have missed the giving away of it. Someone (hopefully me!) will be very lucky to win this.

  3. Hi Andi, how fun to hear from you....!!

    And this is entering Rebecca Reynolds in the draw as the posting I did on my Facebook page really does not make things very clear..... so here you are Rebecca!!

  4. I agree that you should definitely enter Lynne in the draw, after she was so nice yesterday.
    I was wondering when your "closing date" might be.. I re-read the post last night to see if I'd missed it!
    Can't wait... well, yes I can, but it will be exciting!

  5. Hi'll have to..... my blog is my kingdom.... as in I rule..... how nice.... a little bitty part of life with total control.....