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Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Linocut movie on Youtube

Yooohooooo... we made it... the new Lino Mix and Match movie
is firmly lodged on Youtube..... if you have never tried this, over printing with different pattern linoplates... you want to try it, it is such fun, and always one of the most popular courses I do here in Singapore! So go check out my new movie...... if you have any questions at all, about lino, about anything, just get in touch...
any knowledge I have, I am more than happy to share!
I would absolutely love... if you would share my new movie with anyone you think would be interested..... that would be so nice of you, and I'd be so happy :o)))))

Ps: send me an e-mail and you can get a pdf that goes with the film, saves you the trouble of taking notes!


  1. Hi Mariann,

    Thanks for the WONDERFUL video!! I just sent you a lengthier message via Etsy. Hope you'll have a chance to read it. Cheers!

  2. That was very cool!
    I'm going to watch it over and over again!

  3. I really love your video! I love how you were able to show several printings at one time - what a fun idea. I can't wait to try some. Yours look wonderful!!

  4. I am so happy about the WONDERFUL response I am getting!! Thank you all of you for being so supportive! :o)))) (huge smile)