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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

And the winner iiiiiisssssssss.........

So , here we are, with the draw for the "Birdbuffet" 6 colour reduction lino.... and I thought I would come up with a really original idea for the actual drawing of the slip.... hmmm, how about this:
Some years back, I bought the cutest little notebook from
Heidi Burtons etsy shop, it came with a super funny little drawing of a raisin and said "everything happens for a raisin"...I just LOVE it, how funny is that... so, if everything does indeed happen for a raisin, then let the raisin do the draw..... this sounds simple....HA.... you think... Albert was the referee, making sure there was no hair raisin shenanigans going on.. to be honest, I don't know if Albert would recognise a shenaningan if one bit him on the a...rm..... but never mind..... so we arranged it all, ate a lot of raisins in the process, threw raisins around like confetti..... and finally got the darn raisin to fall right onto a slip of paper..... no... there was no cheating, I did not place it there, I threw it up in the air and it landed on Ellen's name...CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Not only does Ellen work for the charity Room to Read, that I am a huge admirer of, she also lives in Singapore... (saving on the stamps there, hehe ;o)) you see..... everything happens for a raisin!!!


  1. Congrats Ellen!
    (Hey Albert! couldn't you have kicked it over to my name?! Geez!)

  2. You naughty oldblackcatboo... are you suggesting that Albert would not be totally raisinable??

  3. Congratulations Ellen! What a really nice prize you've won!!
    What a unique way to choose a winner ~ it sounds and looks like you had fun! (:
    ♥ audrey

  4. Congrats to Ellen! And points to you, Mariann, for most original way to pick a winner! lol! xo Pam

  5. Congrats to the winner...I've never been not selected by a raisin toss before. Love it! We can't have them in my household but I might try tossing a dried cranberry instead!

  6. I know, in the pursuit of silliness, I would have to say it comes pretty far ahead, don't you think!!

    Putting up a new give away, but not until next week!