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Monday, March 29, 2010

Wonderful Australia....

just came back from a great week in Perth, Australia...had forgotten how wonderful this country is, it has been some years now since we were last there, love the climate, love th wildlife, really like Australians, they actually smile at you on the street!!! I mean, how weird is that.... after Asia, where you are invisible, as in "if I don't see you, I don't have to acknowledge your existence", it is just so nice to walk along with people cooperating to not get in each others way and if they do, smile and say sorry, makes you feel like you are alive..... wow... what , 5 sentences and I managed to get a moan in about Singapore..... that's a bit of a record.... so let me go straight on to show you some photos... I saw some fantastic sculptures, and some great art work in the WA Museum.....
Let's start with one of the sculptures on the streets of Perth... it is by Anne Neil,
and sits by the river Swan, in the absolutely wonderful park that runs along the river, it is full of huge palms, giant trees full of white cockatoos, with a sprinkling of multicoloured parakeets flying around... I can't describe the feeling I get of joy seeing them fly around.... of course, to your Aussie, this is their version of sparrows and finks.... makes you think!!! Right there in a city park..... I have been to the country in Oz quite a bit too, and there it is even "worse" ;o) wildlife everywhere, which for me is the biggest wonder of Australia, that what you see on the post cards is right there, in front of you, kangaroos, birds, koalas, huge spiders.....
OK, I can go on waxing lyrically about Australia for hours, they should employ me at the tourist board!! I'll split it up a bit though.... just wanted to make an observation.... men in Perth talk a lot about the(ir) ladies, over heard on the street within the hour "the way she is behaving" - hmm that does not sound good, why is this combination of words so ominous..... and then a bit later from another couple of guys walking past"she does not like swearing" - well, mate, who does?? + some more comments, how cute is that... your average guy trying to figure out his goddess from Venus.... I love it..... rambling on...yes sir think so..... so until next time!!!
Take care!


  1. Well I am a little jealous, that is one place I would love to visit. I recently read a book about Australia by Bill Bryson and it made me want to see it even more. You are lucky! Thanks for sharing a bit of your experience with us.

  2. Lovely place to go for a holiday... I kind of hanker to go and live there. A bit of a long way to visit my relatives in UK though!

    So glad you had a fun trip - I'll keep an eye out for more Aus posts!

  3. The Bill Bryson book "Down Under" is the funniest!!! I was laughing out loud on the plane reading it..... and yes, I kind of hanker to go living there as well, but like you say, how far away is that!!!!

  4. you have made me want to go back to Wa to live! we were there for just over a year in Fremantle and just loved it I would get on a plane and go back tomorrow if given a chance

    narelle x

  5. I have never been to Tasmania, Narelle, but thought it was wonderful too... because of the weather?