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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Green Door Print exchange 2010

How fun...just got my invitation to the Green Door Print Exchange for 2010.... why don't you join as well? Last year it was great fun, great prints... go to their website
and sign up and have a look at last years entries, and GET YOUR SKATES ON... well.... at least oil them, your print is not due until end of August... lovely, lots of time to get it right!

PS; my contribution last year.... "Flippin'eck" 6 colour lino reduction.


  1. Your print was great! I'm afraid I'm too inexperienced to be able to enter things like this yet. I made some nice prints on my weekend away, but only one was approaching good. I'd like to try some more lino prints (quite inspired by your reductive print video!). I may get reasonably good at that!

    What sort of lino material do you use please? It looks far softer and more flexible than the stuff I can get locally.

    Good luck with this year's print swap project. Will you show us your entry when it's done?

  2. I know nothing about printing but love seeing them! My extent of printing anything has been small stamps I have made for fabric modification, and will probably remain there.
    That's why I love your work---I know vaguely what all goes into it and am amazed!


  3. Hmmmm... maybe it's just me, but this link didn't work for me tonight. Shame. Will come back and try again some other time.


  5. I'm getting to package up mine.