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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Los Animales Cute
, end of last year, I got so excited, being invited to participate in Los Animales Cute, by Melanie Yazzie, at the University of Colorado...... the print was to be 10" x 24", folded to become a "box 8" x 10", so you could carry the animals around, love the idea..... and really fancied printing on the whole piece of paper to even further enhance the feeling of a box, so I decided to do a drypoint and have it in three "windows", the plate is the same size as the paper, so I have actually printed the entire piece of paper, and then it was folded up, am not so sure if the folding worked well with ink on the paper, I had forgotten that it kind of mushes the paper a bit, but imagine that once the print is displayed it will not be disturbed again, so then it does not matter so much, and besides, a traveling box is always a bit battered :o) (that's my thinking and I am sticking with it!!)
Much on my mind lately has been transformation, and how stuck we are in our ways and opinions..... hence my birdcages, opening up to your inner self, and this print,
"The Tranformers", there is beauty in transformation.... the result does not even have to be so pretty.... sometimes transformation takes time to mature and become pretty...... very philosophical here on a Sunday morning!!! Have a good day all of you!


  1. Lovely art.. Have a good weekend.

  2. Hi Mariann! :)
    I've found your lovely blog via the adorable Pam, of yoborobo. I'm having such fun looking at your wonderful artwork and look forward to visiting often.
    Wishing you a lovely week!