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Sunday, February 21, 2010


Coming back from town today..... I drove past Luis Vuittons shop in the ultra swanky new mall on Orchard Road... and what was their display????
All their bags were placed in golden birdcages...... ok, so either I'm hip..... or maybe cool... or maybe I am just cuckoo????? Had such a laugh...... you know, I don't even think I can spell Luis Vuitton???


  1. Birdcages are definitely "In" just now, so you're right on trend! And I think it's "Louis Vuitton", just so you know when you go to buy your new bag lol!

    I think I'd prefer one of your prints actually. The Birdcage abot is rather sweet. Though I wish you'd stop giving me a hard time choosing... I really can't afford all of the prints I like!!

  2. i would rather have something you made than something from louis vuitton, truthfully.