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Thursday, September 10, 2009

NOW CLOSED - GIVE AWAY ON PRINCESS DAY!!! Forms of Address-Princess

Forms of Address-Princess
Originally uploaded by Mariann Johansen Ellis

Aren't we all, princesses at heart, and alright, I am sure there is a prince or two out there as well...... but sorry girls, one of them is married to me!

To celebrate Princess Day (my invention) I am giving away a reproduction of this pen and ink drawing on dictionary paper, you can see it (how big, what kind of paper etc) and more at my shop. Just send me a comment on this blog post, adding your name to the give away, the draw is 15th of October, so please remember to come back and see if you won!

all the best and GOOD LUCK! Princess Mariann


  1. Oh, please put me in the pot for the repro of your drawing, Mariann! I love your dictionary drawings. And I'm so glad that you have your own personal Prince Charming. They aren't that easy to come by ;-)

  2. Add my name into the pot...I love your work. I finally married my prince after being married to a frog for 25 years!!! LOL

  3. Hi Mariann! I thought I posted before, and if I did, just ignore this - it's been one of those mornings. LOL! PLEASE put my name in the pot. Love the print muchly. :)

  4. Hi Catherine, Pam and Georgina!!! How great to have your names in the hat!!!! All the best......and a big hug from a thunder and lightning evening in Spain... wonderful with cool rain and a spectacular light show over the hills!
    XX Mariann

  5. Hi Mariann!
    I would love a chance to own a piece of your beautiful artwork! Thanks for stopping by my blog too :-)

  6. I have given you the Lovely Blog Award.

    You know I love your work.