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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New painting and a full Thursday!

sending my new painting to the gallery tomorrow.... lots of mirrors and gold.. found a new gold thingie to try instead of gold leaf, which is such a b-gger to work with.... yes, i know, it looks soooo good, and I agree, is worth it, but just fancied using something new, so, I did not dare "stitch" with actual thread.... opted for the gold acrylic instead, makes me a bit of a coward as i really wanted to use thread.... being paranoid?
Cutting my hair today...SHORT, if I can talk my hairdresser into it, he knows what I want.. hmmmm ;o) then of to a small gallery here in Singapore to have a chat about some of my new etchings "Calle de las Poetas" amongst others, exciting! And then lunch with my publisher, Shamini..... does this not sound like the life!!! I KNOW!!! I'll give you the translation tomorrow wink wink....

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  1. Oh, Mariann, you sound like you are living la vida loca! :) The new painting is so amazing - I love it. Be sure and tell us about your new publishing venture - it sounds very exciting! xox Pam