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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This is great....

getting some feedback on a post like that, does make me feel that I am not the only one trying real hard to be "modern".... hmmmm... talking like an old lady, which of course I am not!!!
but sometimes this whole cyberspace world network thing makes me feel it..... blah blah blah... bootstraps and all that!
On the other hand.... I am trying out some new work... and doing some good old "me" stuff too.... one thing with the slowdown in sales is that it is a great opportunity to do new work, and I am taking full advantage..... also branching out a bit with notebooks being printed as I speak!
It's going to be good fun to see how that works..... being able to introduce a less expensive way for people to buy my work..... Would love to print a calendar too... but don't really have the outlets for a print run of 1000 - 2000.... maybe an idea would be to join up... and do it as a group! Have a good day!!!

1 comment:

  1. Love the calendar idea! Your work is it.