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Friday, May 1, 2009

etsy...worth it or not???

guys...are you selling on etsy... I have now officially run out of steam, after months of looking after my sites... I think I am packing it in...... it's clear that etsy is not the place for original art.... handmade great... but only if it's 20 bucks...... can do! what's your take on it?


  1. I'm struggling too...but I see people doing SO well that I feel I should give it a little more time.
    I think once you establish a following then you start to make some sales...but it seems hard right now.
    Maybe I'll try posting a similar post on my what kind of responce I get.

  2. It's a tough call. I think that it's like any other venue for selling your art; you have to work hard to get it going & get noticed. Just having a shop on Etsy is not the way to go. I look at it more as an opportunity to have an easy online sales location, rather than an actual successful venue, for me. But that's 'cause I don't work at it hard enough. I do get your point about original art, though. Good luck.

  3. Have you used or Perhaps you can network there to attract more customers to Etsy, or perhaps sell work on ArtBistro itself.
    This is the first time I see your artwork and I enjoy it very much.

  4. Hi Melissa,
    big thanks for you suggestions..... I am thinking this would be a way to go too... be on more sites to direct traffic..... thanks for getting touch and I'll check out the sites you suggest! :o)