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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Printmaking studio in Spain

This is the house, with my new studios, that we are in the process of building in Spain, I will be giving printmaking courses there, specialising in intaglio and relief printing. If you would like to be on my "send me more info" mailing list, please join the list with an e-mail to me, as soon as I have my first course schedule, set for the second part of 2008, I will send it out. lots of fun printing, as I am really interested in combination printing, right now focusing on handcolored drypoints and etchings.... watercolour a pvc plate and print the colours on to the paper, ink up your drypoint or etching plate and print on top... using for ex. burnt umber or burnt sienna, you can be very colourful, the overprint takes all the colours right down and harmonises the whole image. I'll try and publish some images this week so you can see. X Mariann

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