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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Printmaking magazine.....

I wanted to ask all of you out there, has anybody heard of a magazine, paper, that deals only with printmaking? If you have, please let me know.... thanks! Mariann


  1. Have you heard of a magazine called "printmaking Today" out of the UK. It has a technical feature each issue and profiles and lots of other stuff. I usually subscribe but have not got round to renewing it yet after moving house.

  2. There's also an Australian publication called 'Imprint' which is the magazine of the Print Council of Australia... you can get to their website with subscription details at I think annual subs are about AUD $69, but you can also get a "print subscription" which is more expensive but you can choose a print from the Council's annual commission - I got a GW Bot woodcut a year or two ago, for the equivalent of about AUD $100 - about 1/10th of her usual selling price! Regards, Sara